Lead On Target


BLS Government Services LLC provides custom offensive and defensive tool development. The team members combined experience attacking and exploiting systems and applications in both the private and public sector culminated in the creation of Lead-on-Target (LOT); an advanced cross-platform Command and Control (C2) platform.

The LOT attack platform and feature set was been built from the ground in order to satisfy three main goals:

  1. Rich, extensible features for long-term persistent operations
  2. Secure, compartmentalized storage and transmission of mission data
  3. Simple, lightweight deployment and teardown

LOT implants are platform independent and will run on multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, and Android. Implants use a staged deployment to minimize the attack footprint and provide additional stealth. LOT modules run in memory on the target system in order to avoid detection by host-based endpoint detection and response (EDR) and anti-virus (AV).

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