BLS Government Services

Why Choose Black Lantern Government Services?

  • BLS Government Services (BLSGVT) is dedicated to providing solutions to hard problems, we over customizable software to fit every operational need.
  • Our methodologies have been developed over the last decade as the founding partners secured some of the Nations most sensitive systems.
  • BLSGVT highly-skilled staff has expertise and experience in vulnerability research (0-day development), hypervisors / implant development, red teaming, and reverse engineering.
  • We foster an environment that demands exceptional integrity and challenges industry dogma.


Advanced Red Teaming

The BLSGVT team can provide advanced red teaming capabilities using its staff of NSA certified Operators. We offer advanced threat emulation that can mimic APT activity using sophisticated actics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs).

CNO Development

Customized tools is the name of the game. BLSGVT offers unique, highly personalized Computer Network Operations (CNO) / Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) development services and tools to assist the Military, DoD, and Intelligence Communities in their cyber operations. Our highly-skilled staff has expertise and experience in developing low-level operating system tools used for cyber operations. Our team provides experienced developers to assist with custom modular software to operate in today’s cyber landscape delivering specialized tailored solutions for specific operational requirements.

Reverse Engineering

Sometimes having source code isn’t an option. When looking at unknown binaries or proprietary software, BLSGVT can help you dissect and understand program internals to grasp how they work. Our team has experience using reverse engineering on low-level components, userland applications, and malicious software. BLSGVT offers reverse engineering services to help our customers reach operational goals and protect themselves against advanced threats.

Vulnerability Research

Most vulnerability assessments will leverage publicly available information to identify well-known vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations. This information provides the basis for a solid mitigation strategy and is the first step to securing critical resources. However, for organizations facing a determined and well-resourced adversary this may not be enough. BLSGVT engineers will conduct exploratory research and analysis of complex systems for the express purpose of discovering new and/or undisclosed vulnerabilities. The objective is to discover these vulnerabilities and take corrective action before they can be exploited by an attacker. As such, we offer state of the art vulnerability research capabilities delivering weaponized exploits (0-days). Our experts can find unknown vulnerabilities in commercial or custom software on traditional or embedded systems. In addition, our services can provide threat modeling reports for assessing the state of in-house developed and custom software.

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